Key fobs with Touchless Door Opener (Custom)

Key fobs with Touchless Door Opener (Custom)

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Custom key fobs with a touchless door opener tool which will help you stay handsfree in this new Covid world.  The key fob is fully customizable in a variety of fabrics. This no-touch door opener is available in silver only and can be used to push elevator buttons, ATM buttons, self-checkout screens and to pull open exterior doors.

Current fabric choices are in the Fabrics drop down on the homepage. Make note of the number on the fabric of your choice and enter it into the dialog box on the item you are ordering.

If you do not see a fabric you love, we can discuss other options more suitable to your preferences.  Include your email address in the dialog box and I will contact you directly.

These personalized custom items are made to order and ready for shipping of local pickup in 3-5 days.

**Please note that ALL my products are designed, handmade, and/or assembled by myself, one piece at a time.  Consequently, it is possible that there may be slight imperfections or differences in items as they appear in product pictures or from similar designed products. This is what makes your gift one of a kind. I give every product my personal best, with great attention to detail.**