Create a unique gift to be treasured and remembered in the years to come celebrating seasonal firsts or just the season itself.
Collaborate with me to create an ornament that you will be proud to gift and your recipient will be thrilled to receive.
The process is simple:
  1. choose an ornament style – glitter bulb (12 different colours), floating memory ornament, flat disc or ceramic ornament
  2. choose your design style (front and back) and make note in the customization box
  3. review and approve the ornament mock up, after your order is placed, but before your ornament is created
These personalized custom gifts are made to order and ready for shipping of local pickup in 3-5 days.

**Please note that ALL my products are designed, handmade, and/or assembled by myself, one piece at a time.  Consequently, it is possible that there may be slight imperfections or differences in items as they appear in product pictures or from similar designed products. This is what makes your gift one of a kind. I give every product my personal best, with great attention to detail.**