Parents' Day

Pine Haven Creations can help you create a personalized gift for that special Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Grandma or Grandpa in your life.
The options are endless but we can collaborate to create a bag, wall canvas or Celebration pillow cover.  Almost all details, including: initials, dates, font-styles, fabrics and colours can be customized.  Most items are less than $35. 
These personalized custom gifts are made to order and ready for shipping of local pickup in 3-5 days. * except for custom quilts

**Please note that ALL my products are designed, handmade, and/or assembled by myself, one piece at a time.  Consequently, it is possible that there may be slight imperfections or differences in items as they appear in product pictures or from similar designed products. This is what makes your gift one of a kind. I give every product my personal best, with great attention to detail.**