Quilt - King (Custom) (~ 100" x 92")
Quilt - King (Custom) (~ 100" x 92")

Quilt - King (Custom) (~ 100" x 92")

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The price of a custom quilt varies on the style, size and detail of the quilt.  My pricing for custom quilts is simple.  I charge an hourly rate of $20/hr labour plus the cost of the materials used. I require a 50% deposit of the estimated price upfront, to cover the material costs.

Below are estimates and you will only be charged for the actual amount of labour and materials used in your quilt.
For a king bed, the quilt top will require approximately 12 mtr of fabric, quilt backing and binding is approximately 10 mtr of fabric and quilt batting is between 3 mtr extra wide.  Wherever possible, I try to take advantage of my wholesale connections to get you the lowest possible prices on fabrics.  Lastly, the labour estimate for construction, quilting and finishing (binding and label) is approximately 40hrs.  

If you agree to proceed, I will then work with you to confirm quilt pattern style, fabric selection and continue to communicate with you throughout the 2 month period to create a completely custom quilt that will last for years to come. 
Enter your contact information in the Customization box and I will reach out to you to confirm requirements before providing an estimate.

**Please note that ALL my products are designed, handmade, and/or assembled by myself, one piece at a time.  Consequently, it is possible that there may be slight imperfections or differences in items as they appear in product pictures or from similar designed products. This is what makes your gift one of a kind. I give every product my personal best, with great attention to detail.**